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Thought Experiment: You have some Park n Fly Coupon Codes Burning a Hole in Your Pocket.

parknfly couponsLet’s say you have some exclusive parknfly coupons to go anywhere in the world, but you aren’t sure if you want to try the awesomeness that is JBay, because there aren’t any amazing hotels here? Well, we’re about to show you how wrong that misconceptions really is…

Are you looking for a refreshing combination of blue water, rainy weather and relaxing ambience for your vacation? If yes, then grab a relaxing chair in front of the beach with a glass of pina colada and book a stay at one of the best resorts at “Jeffrey’s Bay”, a tremendous place for a perfect vacation. Check out CouponFeed.org for some great deals on hotels, as well as car rentals and tour packages. You can also check out http://discountgo.co.uk for some great deals on flights to get you there as well as car hires and accommodations.

Jeffrey’s Bay, which is also known as J-Bay is located 75 km west from Port Elizabeth at Cape Province of South Africa. It is known for its under-water sports activities, accommodations and also the exquisite spas as well as fine-dining options that it offers to tourists. J-Bay is usually regarded as one of the world’s best places for tourism and surfing.

No matter where you go across the globe, you would always want the place you stay to be extraordinarily amazing. It should certainly be something which could make you say, ‘let’s snap chat to show-off the room’ or ‘let’s Instagram the sophisticated breakfast’ or even say ‘why not make a check-in on Facebook at J-Bay’s world’s best spa-resort?”.  Jeffrey’s Bay certainly gives you outrageous options for hoteling and resorting. From calm and petite guest houses to resorts where you can have mesmerizing spa days, J-Bay has all the perfect accommodations that you can ever imagine! After experiencing rides, water sports, museums and much more at J-Bay, you must have a perfect resort, guest house or hotel suite to get rid of all the tiredness. Let’s have a look at the top most accommodations at Jeffrey’s Bay:

Stone Olive Resorts

The stone olive resorts are located at Azalea Street at Jeffrey’s Bay. Stone Olive resorts are known for their historically unique stone work. Every corridor is decorated with luxurious chandeliers and extravagant stone art. This place compliments the scenic beauty of J-Bay by being exceptionally beautiful itself. You would love to see how eye-catching and breath-taking the infrastructure over here is! Their exhilarating court yard is perfect for a cup of coffee and you can even swirl into their cosy swimming pools or just sit beside the pool to view mesmerizing views of ocean and golf club, adding some extra essence of perfection to your trip! If you’re looking for some more thrills, you can even enjoy hiking or horse-riding. If I was going to Jeffery’s bay again, I would surely cherry-pick stone olive resorts as they’re super good at maintaining their infrastructure with one of the most luxurious rooms in reasonable rents. Each room has a private entrance, sitting area a petite but pretty coffee making space, splendid bath area and much more for your comfort and facility. Even if you surf the internet for stone olive, you will surely see people talking about how magnificent the building is!

Dio Dell Amore Guest House

The very famous Dio Dell Amore guest house offers world class service to its guests. The speciality of this guest house is their spacious and properly ventilated rooms. The rooms are well furnished and mark excellence in their designs. J-Bay is known for the best surfing and water sports across the globe. This hotel is only 3 kilometres away from the main surfing spot. One cannot miss out the sea food of restaurants in J-Bay. Good news for all the foodies, the most classic restaurants are just 2km away from Dio Dell. For Golf lovers, a mini golf club is also just across the corner. Just if you leave for your flights habitually late, you don’t have to worry! Airport is also located nearby Dio Dell and you can catch you flight by just a 30 minutes’ drive. What else would a traveller want! Few parts of this building have an ancient look marking its excellence from number of years. Ancient but yet beautiful!


Aston Woods Bed and Breakfast


The name itself suggests that this hotel is known for comfortable beddings to make you get rid of tiredness from the trip and after you have had a beauty sleep they serve scrumptious, fresh and sophisticated breakfast for complete pleasure. They serve English Breakfast on private decks that face the sea. Just imagine yourself on your private deck having freshly-prepared English breakfast while enjoying the cold sea breeze that eventually gives start to a good day!

The hotel is rated 4.5 and it is a perfect place for people who want to stay somewhere near cape street as well which is a commercial area.  Another good thing about Aston Woods B&B is that the person who serves you also knows your language, making your services even more on-point than they ever can be. It’s always good to convey your requirements and Aston Woods B&B is the best at considering them!


Beach Music

Beach Music is one of the top picks at Jeffrey’s Bay when it comes to accommodations. It is situated at Supertubes beach at J-Bay which is one of the world famous beaches and is known for its scenic & picturesque views. No one would want to miss enchanting and jaw-dropping views of Supertubes Beach at J-Bay and so Beach Music Hotel is a place where you must stay. In day time, you can enjoy adventurous water sports right outside your hotel and at evening you may have a cup of coffee while capturing the mesmerizing views of Supertubes from your room’s window. If you are up for some fun and relaxation at the same time, head nowhere else except The Beach Music!

On the beach Guest House and Apartments

If you’re more of an early-bird who would love to have morning walks/strolls alongside the beach or guitar sessions under the moonlight, then this place is undoubtedly made for you! Located right at the beach, with an amazing view of Indian Ocean this place brings you near to all the activities that you would enjoy at the beach, whether it is beach volley, jets keying or just an evening swim. Apart from the beautiful rooms and infrastructure, the most attractive feature of “On the beach guest house and Apartments” is that they provide you with a terrace with all facilities to do a barbeque. You can even have a barbeque at the beach and dine at their ornate picnic tables at the beach. Such a beach day would be to-die-for!

I consider Jeffery’s Bay (J-Bay) as one of the must-go places for those who love travelling and exploring various accommodations beyond imaginations. Plan your next vacation at J-Bay with one of the best accommodations across the globe, providing you high-end suites, sophisticated breakfasts, rejuvenating spas and an outstanding ambience which you can get nowhere else in the world!                                                                                        

Avis Coupons = Road Trip To Phezulu Cultural Park

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Avis Promo Codes

We were given a cool car rental promo code from Avis and decided to do a weekend car trip. Where to go? Phezulu Cultural Park.

Visiting Phezulu Cultural Park

The Phezulu Cultural Village is a hidden gem located only 35 minutes from Durban. No trip to South Africa would be complete without a visit to this charming park. An experienced travel agent will make sure that you don’t miss any of the sights and sounds of this stunning park in the Valley of 1000 Hills.

At the Phezulu Cultural Village the Gasa clan, who have generously opened their homes and lives to visitors for over 35 years, will teach you about their lives and traditions. You will get to go into their thatched huts which are made the same way their ancestors made theirs. Inside, you will hear their stories and beliefs and see how the Zulu people live. You will also be given an opportunity to make your own sword and shield, just like the Zulu have done for generations. While they no longer use the swords and shields in battle, they still perform vital functions as parts of wedding and funeral ceremonies. And of course, no trip would be complete without the dancing. You will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Gasa clan perform traditional Zulu dances. Their skill, strength, and beautiful costumes will take your breath away.

The nearby Boma restaurant offers delicious and unusual Zulu cuisine. You can enjoy a crocodile burger as you admire the view of the Valley of 1000 Hills and Phezulu Game Preserve. As you enjoy your meal you will be able to watch the beautiful wildlife and hear the soft drumming of your Zulu hosts. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this unique experience.

At the Curio Shop you can bring a little piece of South Africa home with you. The shop specializes in stone and wood carvings, as well as prints and paintings. A souvenir from this beautiful country will help to motivate and inspire you and let you keep a piece of your trip with you always.

Even though life in South Africa is changing, the Zulu still value their traditional beliefs and customs and they welcome the opportunity to share them with you. The Zulu are the largest ethnic group in South Africa and no trip to this country would be complete without visiting the people from KwaZulu Natal.

The best way to get the most out of your trip is to hire a local guide. They will make sure you get to see the best views, have the freshest local foods, and have the safest and easiest trip imaginable. With a local guide you don’t have to worry about a thing. All the hard work is done for you. Never worry about transportation, being on time for events, or what to do next. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip of your life.

You deserve to make the most of your experience, and a personal travel agent and guide can help ensure that. The entire experience will be designed around your interests and your tastes. When you don’t have to worry about the details you can just enjoy yourself and make the memories that will last a lifetime. You may never get another chance to visit this beautiful slice of South Africa. Make sure you make the most of it.

Hotels.com Coupons and The Best Time To Visit South Africa

south africa whale watching

When Should I Visit South Africa?

During the holiday season, you may be searching for the excellent spot to tour. South Africa may be a great option for any vacationer and with excellent cause. South Africa has so much to offer regarding beaches, safaris, nature and of course partying. South Africa is a country of diversity offering holidaymakers a huge variety of experiences to choose from. This makes it one of the most popular holiday destinations in Africa. I also found a great hotels.com promo code, so it’s quite affordable! South Africa is without a doubt the continent’s most developed country with good infrastructure, regular internal flights and excellent accommodation. There are several things to see and do in this superb land which never promises a dull moment.

hotels.com coupon codes - south africaHotels.com Coupons For South Africa Hotels:

Therefore, one is advised to book the hotels early to save some money. You can also use travel deals websites like these to help you save money:



Now that you’ve used some hotel coupon codes to save some money, here are some tips on how to travel to South Africa.

All trips to South Africa should be planned well, otherwise the place has so much to offer that a visitor will be easily distracted and confused. Your itinerary should be reflective of what you want to see rather than what others have advised you to.

The Summer Season: November to March

The northern hemisphere controls the different seasons in South Africa. This country is an all-year-round tourism destination that greatly depends on each interest. For instance, the summer season is between the months of November to March.

During this season, the Western Cape along the coast is congested with visitors from various parts of the world. Schools end their semesters in December, which makes for a good time for the local people to visit the south-western coast. Accommodation prices are also high during this season.

The beach is ideal for sea game activities such as diving and swimming as you relax on the sandy beaches.

The temperature in South Africa is moderated by both the altitude and the ocean on three sides, making it much milder than other parts of the continent. Sunshine abounds, making it a wonderful winter escape for those from frosty climes. The hot sunny summer months are from mid-October to mid-February except in the Western Cape, which is rainy during this time. Autumn offers a perfect blend of weather, with balmy days and crisp nights.

The months of May to August are the best for game viewing, especially in the Kruger National Park. This park covers hundreds of hectares and is considered to have the most concentration of wildlife in Africa. Both private and self-drive excursions are allowed in the park. You will spot both the small and the big animals including different types of birds. You are guaranteed to see the famous big five (lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard, and rhino). The Kruger Park is a malaria free area. Apart from this park, there are many private parks with much prices to opt for.

June to August is the winter season when the southern right whales migrate to the Cape southern coast which provides a good view of the whales. The Cape valleys and mountains are colorful with the South African coastal Fynbos flowers. This season lasts only for a few months but, the charges are very high. If you are interested with the sunshine that graces this region, the Garden Route and Karoo are the right places to visit. This region has good sun all year-round.

May to July days are usually brisk and sunny with cold nights. The Western Cape is a bit wetter during this time but offers breaks of fabulous weather. Spring brings warmer temperatures and gorgeous wildflowers to the Cape provinces.

The peak travel season is typical during the South African summer. Travelers and residents alike take advantage of the hot days and lazy, sandy beaches. The problem, of course, is that the beaches are crowded, and accommodations can cost as much as 70 percent more. Other peak times include the Easter holiday when South Africans traditionally have a ten-day holiday. An excellent time to enjoy South Africa, if you don’t mind other revelers who flock to the area for kayaking, canoeing, rafting, diving, hiking, and other pursuits.

Spring’s heavier rainfall combined with softer temperatures makes for an excellent time for any fans of blossoms. Most South Africans consider Christmas to be the primary time of vacation and travel. During Christmas, as well as Easter, tourism spots are congested, and prices take a steep hike upwards due to the increase in demand. But fortunately, outside of this season, you can count on prices being much lower.

Going a bit earlier in the spring will relieve the crowds and give you prime wildlife viewing, and if you dislike intense heat, you may find that winter is the best time to go. During July to November, for instance, you can spot Southern Right whales and enjoy the Cape’s green season when flowers and shrubbery explode over the landscape. The fall brings excellent birding, rafting, and other great outdoor adventures.

While planning your trip ensure that your physical and mental health permits you to do certain adventure based activities in South Africa. Most of these adventure activities require you to be physically strong and healthy before you can attempt these.

Also, check your options in terms of food especially if you are a vegetarian. Check with your hotel whether they serve your preferred dishes otherwise do an internet search to find out the restaurants in South Africa that cater to your taste. You don’t want to end up being hungry and cranky on your dream vacation.

You can check the internet for the travel company that you would like to do your tours with. It’s not a good idea to roam in a foreign country unaccompanied because you would miss out on plenty of hot spots. Besides, your guide can offer you deep and additional knowledge of a lot of places that may not even be available on the net or in tourist guide books.

Best Activities for Active Vacationers in Jeffreys Bay


Have you ever thought that why do people go on vacations? Because it is certainly an escape from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives! We all look forward to forgetting all the stress of work or studies when we’re at a holiday destination, but not everyone knows how to enjoy their vacations properly. There are many who had gone to the most exotic places but couldn’t enjoy their vacations to the fullest. Probably, because they didn’t read this amazing article entailing the best activities for active vacationers in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.

Whether you are travelling to the beautiful Jamaica, exotic Brazil, or the hot Rhodes! You should always have a plan and if you follow the plan you get the most of your vacation. Your plan can be of any type. If you are not that adventurous, you can go to clubs, restaurants, munch toothsome food, watch enticing theatre plays, try rejuvenating spa session etc. But those with the adventure-bone have so many things to do on a vacation. If you have been to vacations before, you will know that every country have got different things to offer. Like if you are visiting the Jeffrey’s Bay, you can explore the wildlife and have fun at the beach along with endless water adventures. Many countries offer all of them, so here goes the list of best activities that you can give a try this time!


When it comes to adrenaline-pumping activities, skydiving sits in the front row. No other thrill can beat the experience of launching yourself from an airplane in the open air. The breathtaking free-fall from the sky and the wind playing with your body, these things create a mesmerizing and full of thrill amalgam that is just out-of-the-world.



Those who want their adventure to be a little peaceful usually go for rafting. Go head to head with the viscous waves, your clothes soaked in water and the overall ambience builds up the rush hour around. All you need is a good raft and the jacket and you’re all set to go! You’ll be seeing many fishes and other water animals in this adventurous journey on waters.

Sand boarding

Walking around the sand? That is just too old school! And it is not fun as well. How about sliding super-fast in the sand on a board? Exciting, right? Well, this is sand boarding for you. It makes getting around in the desert less of a hectic and more of a fun and thrill. Gliding your way through the sand dunes will pump up the adrenaline rush in you for sure.

Bungee jumping

Do you find peace up in the air? Well, the bungee jumping is definitely for you! There are many locations around Jeffreys Bay that are specifically tailored for bungee jumpers. It’s on your where you want to land. Bungee Jumping ranks 6th among the top adventurous activities as well.


Paragliding is also for the up-in-the-air freaks. It’s a quick and extreme sports that allows you have all the fun in the air. The feeling of floating in the mid of air is just amazing. Launching off the 5,380 feet mountains and places, paragliding is a fun extreme sport that you are going to remember forever!

Rock climbing

What’s better than the feeling of climbing a rock, reaching the top and showing your friends the victory sign? Nothing! Rock Climbing is a thrill and healthy sport as well. It helps your muscles build faster and makes you strong as well. Rock Climbing is available in every country. Yours too! It has become a massively popular activity since the two decades as well.

Why the Hippo Play Farm Needs to be on your Bucket List


The paradise beach doesn’t only have been blessed with the “cool” activities like skydiving, surfing, sand boarding and jet skiing. Jeffrey’s Bay is a vast playground that provides non-stop fun for the adventure freaks and sport fanatics and especially those who love exotic destinations. One of the best is the Happy Hippo Play Farm. This play farm is one-of-a-kind! Yes, there are Hippos having fun in the sunshine. If you have your little ones travelling with you, they are simply going to love it.

Happy Hippo Play Farm is just 8km away from the Jeffrey’s Bay and can be easily reached with a car. Happy Hippo Play Farm incorporates all the essentials for adults and kids. There’s a nursery for the kids where you can drop the juniors and they will be super-happy and meanwhile you can go check-out the bar with your sweetheart. Happy Hippo Farm allows kids to enjoy feeding the farm animals and play in the big playgrounds maintained only for them.

It has a jungle gym where you can find all the vines and branches and have a little fitness pump up there. What are you going to do when your kids are having fun? Parents can have a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of beer under the shaded area that projects a soothing ambience embellished with the scorching sun and artistic tides that together make the stunning views of the Seekoei River. Happy Hippo Play Farm incorporates an on-site nursery that features all kinds of indigenous and exotic plants exclusively available for you. With the flexible timings 9 to 5, It will be really easy for you to have the fair share of fun and adventure. 

happy-hippo-play-farmTheir cuppas and snacks are to drool over as they are one of their many specialties. If have you been there before or planning to hit Jeffreys Bay this season, you would probably realize at the end of the journey that their food is just out-of the world. A plus is that the beach wind makes you real hungry and it is proved by researches so, a reason to eat all you can? Probably yes!

Do you know what do Africans call Hippopotamus? Seekoei! In the African, Seekoei simply means “Sea cow” and because there are so many hippos in there. That side of bay area is now called the Seekoei River. Just outside the Eastern Cape, you can witness the beautiful Seekoei River, attracting tourists and visitors from all around the globe and the real charm is feeding the hippos while having the toothsome cuppas and snacks.

One of the most popular things about the Jeffrey’s Bay area is that it has an exquisite Happy Hippo Play Farm. You can feed as many Hippos as you want and this is the why it’s actually famous and trending! It attracts the visitors and tourists to come, feed the hippos, have fun with the other farm animals and of course a great meet and greet session with them.

The Happy Hippo Play Farm is no less than a learning temple for the children from all age groups as it provides a live and hands-on experience to the kids about animals and the wildlife. The most exciting thing is to witness and interact with actual & live Hippopotamuses bunnies, chickens, geese, potbelly pigs, pygmy goats, sheep, donkeys, and horses! Not in the text books anymore! Don’t you think that they are going to love it? With an addition of the beautiful jungle gym, that gives parents a chance to spend some time alone, talk a little, romance, and have delectable food under the shades of tree while their children are having fun under the supervision of professionals. The delightful view of the Seekoei River is what makes the Happy Hippo Play Farm worth going to. Oh, and there are few rare species of animals too!

The Best things to do in Jeffreys Bay


Do you know the best place in world where there’s just peace and serenity? Well, no need to “look for it” anymore. We have got Jeffrey’s Bay covered for you! Jeffrey’s Bay is located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa and inherits all the beauty of this country. Dolphins, shells, classic reefs and what not!

Jeffrey’s Bay is a gifted place that looks like a little piece of heaven of earth. When you are at the Jeffrey’s Bay, things you can never go on your way because you’ll be indulged in the fun so much that you’ll forget all the rules. People utter that Jeffrey’s Bay is perfect for surfing but in reality, surfing was born here. This small town situated in the coast of Eastern Cape entails tourist attractions from all over the world.  It actually feels like that one has stepped in heaven. Don’t worry if you get lost in this beautiful place because every part of this bay is equally beautiful and exotic. People in this town are so humble and down to earth that you will be never have that “alien” feel. So, if you are planning a trip to Jeffrey’s Bay, here is the list of best things that you can do in Jeffrey’s Bay.

A Heaven for Surfers

As mentioned above, surfing and Jeffrey’s Bay have the perfect chemistry. You can surf all you want because the tides here are surfer friendly and don’t let you down easily. But hang on, that doesn’t mean that you should go in water without an instructor. The water is usually in normal temperature, not too cold and not too hot. You will see many fellow surfers having fun in the waters as well. Surfing in the sunshine and water this beautiful can be a refreshing and majestic experience for you, if not; then you’re really not into surfing!


High in the Sky!

If Skydiving is your thing then, Jeffrey Bay is there for you as well! Go high in the clear blue sky and have all the fun in the world. The skydiving programs in the Jeffrey’s Bay area are super safe and extremely affordable. Once you have skydived, no one can stop you from doing that again!

Sand boarding

No this blog is not a joke, but it is not our fault that Jeffrey’s Bay is specifically tailored for the tourists and those who love to live on thrills. Sand boarding is another activity that attracts tourists and is adventurous lads as well. The golden grain provides such a thrilling experience that you will actually get hooked!

Ski the jets!

Do you like jet skiing? Well, guess what’s the best place for that? Jeffrey’s Bay! When you’re tired of surfing over the cool blue waters or even if you don’t know how to surf, Jeffrey’s Bay has the perfect solution! Wear them pads and kick the Jet Ski! Ski all you want in the water. The beautiful sunny beach ambience will make you love the place for sure!


See the Sights!

Love animals and exotic destinations? Jeffrey’s bay is blessed in that too. All the dolphins and whales having fun in the waters are exclusively for you! The little ones are going to love them for sure. If you want to go deep and have fun as well, this can happen too! The deep sea diving will be one the best experience of your life. This meditating activity will make you go for it again and again. The underwater life is as beautiful as the surfaced. All the pretty reefs, fishes and plants will be featured in your next Instagram story because they provide deep sea photography as well.


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