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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Headphones for Air Travel

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Thinking of getting new headphones to keep you occupied on your next flight? These days there are so many manufacturers you’ll be spoilt for choice. I’m sure that you’ve had a previous headphone experience. You know that without the right headphones (and music) you will have one long boring journey. Here are the things I look for when choosing the best headphones for travelling on a plane.

1. Headphones or earbuds

Ask ten audiophiles what type they prefer and they will all unanimously go for the classic over-the-head headphones. They argue that such headphones have unparalleled sound quality. Sadly, they all come with a hefty price tag and I’m yet to find a comfortable one. The ones that I’ve experimented with were bulky and became uncomfortably hot.
On the other hand, most people wouldn’t consider wearing earbuds through the whole flight. They would be applying too much pressure on the eardrums. Earbuds are better at noise isolation. None of them is ideal for long flights and you have to make a trade-off. What can you sacrifice? Do you prefer quality over comfort? This is by no means an exhaustive headphone choosing guide. Find out what works for you through the classic trial and error. Have fun on your next flight.

2. Sound quality

Unlike workout headphones, flight headphones aren’t built with fidelity in mind. They are designed to minimize those jarring and annoying sounds that may wake you up. They usually have a bland equalizer – no kicking bass or treble spikes. God set should be smooth and neutral. Low impedance ratings indicate that they only produce toned-down treble.
Pay close attention to the noise isolation. Noise isolation in headphones refers to how they cut off background noise just like tiny earmuffs. They come in handy when your sharing seats and the neighbouring passenger won’t stop snoring. Sound leakage is the exact opposite of this. It determines if the headphones are capable of “locking” music. A good headphone shouldn’t be audible to other people in the surrounding. You don’t want to disturb the sleeping passenger next to you. more so, If they’re the quiet ones. That would be unfair

3. Corded or Cordless

This boils down to the music source and budget. Cordless headphones are better during flights as they’re comfortable and you won’t be tangled. Wires are an eyesore too. However, they charge double for this convenient. They only work with Bluetooth compatible phones/gadgets. This means that they won’t work with that MP3 player that you bought eight years ago.
If you’re on a tight budget, go for the wired ones. Just remember to wear them undershirt.

4. Comfortability

Most headphones under $10 aren’t worth looking at. Perhaps we get what we pay for. You want headphones so comfortable that you can sleep with removing them. It’s hard catching sleep during a flight – more so if you had a good night’s sleep the previous day. Most people prefer to play white noise or their favourite tunes as they drift to sleep. During flights, we try to get as much sleep as we can and uncomfortable headphones cannot be tolerated.