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Best Activities for Active Vacationers in Jeffreys Bay


Have you ever thought that why do people go on vacations? Because it is certainly an escape from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives! We all look forward to forgetting all the stress of work or studies when we’re at a holiday destination, but not everyone knows how to enjoy their vacations properly. There are many who had gone to the most exotic places but couldn’t enjoy their vacations to the fullest. Probably, because they didn’t read this amazing article entailing the best activities for active vacationers in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.

Whether you are travelling to the beautiful Jamaica, exotic Brazil, or the hot Rhodes! You should always have a plan and if you follow the plan you get the most of your vacation. Your plan can be of any type. If you are not that adventurous, you can go to clubs, restaurants, munch toothsome food, watch enticing theatre plays, try rejuvenating spa session etc. But those with the adventure-bone have so many things to do on a vacation. If you have been to vacations before, you will know that every country have got different things to offer. Like if you are visiting the Jeffrey’s Bay, you can explore the wildlife and have fun at the beach along with endless water adventures. Many countries offer all of them, so here goes the list of best activities that you can give a try this time!


When it comes to adrenaline-pumping activities, skydiving sits in the front row. No other thrill can beat the experience of launching yourself from an airplane in the open air. The breathtaking free-fall from the sky and the wind playing with your body, these things create a mesmerizing and full of thrill amalgam that is just out-of-the-world.



Those who want their adventure to be a little peaceful usually go for rafting. Go head to head with the viscous waves, your clothes soaked in water and the overall ambience builds up the rush hour around. All you need is a good raft and the jacket and you’re all set to go! You’ll be seeing many fishes and other water animals in this adventurous journey on waters.

Sand boarding

Walking around the sand? That is just too old school! And it is not fun as well. How about sliding super-fast in the sand on a board? Exciting, right? Well, this is sand boarding for you. It makes getting around in the desert less of a hectic and more of a fun and thrill. Gliding your way through the sand dunes will pump up the adrenaline rush in you for sure.

Bungee jumping

Do you find peace up in the air? Well, the bungee jumping is definitely for you! There are many locations around Jeffreys Bay that are specifically tailored for bungee jumpers. It’s on your where you want to land. Bungee Jumping ranks 6th among the top adventurous activities as well.


Paragliding is also for the up-in-the-air freaks. It’s a quick and extreme sports that allows you have all the fun in the air. The feeling of floating in the mid of air is just amazing. Launching off the 5,380 feet mountains and places, paragliding is a fun extreme sport that you are going to remember forever!

Rock climbing

What’s better than the feeling of climbing a rock, reaching the top and showing your friends the victory sign? Nothing! Rock Climbing is a thrill and healthy sport as well. It helps your muscles build faster and makes you strong as well. Rock Climbing is available in every country. Yours too! It has become a massively popular activity since the two decades as well.