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When Should I Visit South Africa?

During the holiday season, you may be searching for the excellent spot to tour. South Africa may be a great option for any vacationer and with excellent cause. South Africa has so much to offer regarding beaches, safaris, nature and of course partying. South Africa is a country of diversity offering holidaymakers a huge variety of experiences to choose from. This makes it one of the most popular holiday destinations in Africa. I also found a great hotels.com promo code, so it’s quite affordable! South Africa is without a doubt the continent’s most developed country with good infrastructure, regular internal flights and excellent accommodation. There are several things to see and do in this superb land which never promises a dull moment.

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Now that you’ve used some hotel coupon codes to save some money, here are some tips on how to travel to South Africa.

All trips to South Africa should be planned well, otherwise the place has so much to offer that a visitor will be easily distracted and confused. Your itinerary should be reflective of what you want to see rather than what others have advised you to.

The Summer Season: November to March

The northern hemisphere controls the different seasons in South Africa. This country is an all-year-round tourism destination that greatly depends on each interest. For instance, the summer season is between the months of November to March.

During this season, the Western Cape along the coast is congested with visitors from various parts of the world. Schools end their semesters in December, which makes for a good time for the local people to visit the south-western coast. Accommodation prices are also high during this season.

The beach is ideal for sea game activities such as diving and swimming as you relax on the sandy beaches.

The temperature in South Africa is moderated by both the altitude and the ocean on three sides, making it much milder than other parts of the continent. Sunshine abounds, making it a wonderful winter escape for those from frosty climes. The hot sunny summer months are from mid-October to mid-February except in the Western Cape, which is rainy during this time. Autumn offers a perfect blend of weather, with balmy days and crisp nights.

The months of May to August are the best for game viewing, especially in the Kruger National Park. This park covers hundreds of hectares and is considered to have the most concentration of wildlife in Africa. Both private and self-drive excursions are allowed in the park. You will spot both the small and the big animals including different types of birds. You are guaranteed to see the famous big five (lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard, and rhino). The Kruger Park is a malaria free area. Apart from this park, there are many private parks with much prices to opt for.

June to August is the winter season when the southern right whales migrate to the Cape southern coast which provides a good view of the whales. The Cape valleys and mountains are colorful with the South African coastal Fynbos flowers. This season lasts only for a few months but, the charges are very high. If you are interested with the sunshine that graces this region, the Garden Route and Karoo are the right places to visit. This region has good sun all year-round.

May to July days are usually brisk and sunny with cold nights. The Western Cape is a bit wetter during this time but offers breaks of fabulous weather. Spring brings warmer temperatures and gorgeous wildflowers to the Cape provinces.

The peak travel season is typical during the South African summer. Travelers and residents alike take advantage of the hot days and lazy, sandy beaches. The problem, of course, is that the beaches are crowded, and accommodations can cost as much as 70 percent more. Other peak times include the Easter holiday when South Africans traditionally have a ten-day holiday. An excellent time to enjoy South Africa, if you don’t mind other revelers who flock to the area for kayaking, canoeing, rafting, diving, hiking, and other pursuits.

Spring’s heavier rainfall combined with softer temperatures makes for an excellent time for any fans of blossoms. Most South Africans consider Christmas to be the primary time of vacation and travel. During Christmas, as well as Easter, tourism spots are congested, and prices take a steep hike upwards due to the increase in demand. But fortunately, outside of this season, you can count on prices being much lower.

Going a bit earlier in the spring will relieve the crowds and give you prime wildlife viewing, and if you dislike intense heat, you may find that winter is the best time to go. During July to November, for instance, you can spot Southern Right whales and enjoy the Cape’s green season when flowers and shrubbery explode over the landscape. The fall brings excellent birding, rafting, and other great outdoor adventures.

While planning your trip ensure that your physical and mental health permits you to do certain adventure based activities in South Africa. Most of these adventure activities require you to be physically strong and healthy before you can attempt these.

Also, check your options in terms of food especially if you are a vegetarian. Check with your hotel whether they serve your preferred dishes otherwise do an internet search to find out the restaurants in South Africa that cater to your taste. You don’t want to end up being hungry and cranky on your dream vacation.

You can check the internet for the travel company that you would like to do your tours with. It’s not a good idea to roam in a foreign country unaccompanied because you would miss out on plenty of hot spots. Besides, your guide can offer you deep and additional knowledge of a lot of places that may not even be available on the net or in tourist guide books.