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The Best things to do in Jeffreys Bay


Do you know the best place in world where there’s just peace and serenity? Well, no need to “look for it” anymore. We have got Jeffrey’s Bay covered for you! Jeffrey’s Bay is located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa and inherits all the beauty of this country. Dolphins, shells, classic reefs and what not!

Jeffrey’s Bay is a gifted place that looks like a little piece of heaven of earth. When you are at the Jeffrey’s Bay, things you can never go on your way because you’ll be indulged in the fun so much that you’ll forget all the rules. People utter that Jeffrey’s Bay is perfect for surfing but in reality, surfing was born here. This small town situated in the coast of Eastern Cape entails tourist attractions from all over the world.  It actually feels like that one has stepped in heaven. Don’t worry if you get lost in this beautiful place because every part of this bay is equally beautiful and exotic. People in this town are so humble and down to earth that you will be never have that “alien” feel. So, if you are planning a trip to Jeffrey’s Bay, here is the list of best things that you can do in Jeffrey’s Bay.

A Heaven for Surfers

As mentioned above, surfing and Jeffrey’s Bay have the perfect chemistry. You can surf all you want because the tides here are surfer friendly and don’t let you down easily. But hang on, that doesn’t mean that you should go in water without an instructor. The water is usually in normal temperature, not too cold and not too hot. You will see many fellow surfers having fun in the waters as well. Surfing in the sunshine and water this beautiful can be a refreshing and majestic experience for you, if not; then you’re really not into surfing!


High in the Sky!

If Skydiving is your thing then, Jeffrey Bay is there for you as well! Go high in the clear blue sky and have all the fun in the world. The skydiving programs in the Jeffrey’s Bay area are super safe and extremely affordable. Once you have skydived, no one can stop you from doing that again!

Sand boarding

No this blog is not a joke, but it is not our fault that Jeffrey’s Bay is specifically tailored for the tourists and those who love to live on thrills. Sand boarding is another activity that attracts tourists and is adventurous lads as well. The golden grain provides such a thrilling experience that you will actually get hooked!

Ski the jets!

Do you like jet skiing? Well, guess what’s the best place for that? Jeffrey’s Bay! When you’re tired of surfing over the cool blue waters or even if you don’t know how to surf, Jeffrey’s Bay has the perfect solution! Wear them pads and kick the Jet Ski! Ski all you want in the water. The beautiful sunny beach ambience will make you love the place for sure!


See the Sights!

Love animals and exotic destinations? Jeffrey’s bay is blessed in that too. All the dolphins and whales having fun in the waters are exclusively for you! The little ones are going to love them for sure. If you want to go deep and have fun as well, this can happen too! The deep sea diving will be one the best experience of your life. This meditating activity will make you go for it again and again. The underwater life is as beautiful as the surfaced. All the pretty reefs, fishes and plants will be featured in your next Instagram story because they provide deep sea photography as well.


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