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parknfly couponsLet’s say you have some exclusive parknfly coupons to go anywhere in the world, but you aren’t sure if you want to try the awesomeness that is JBay, because there aren’t any amazing hotels here? Well, we’re about to show you how wrong that misconceptions really is…

Are you looking for a refreshing combination of blue water, rainy weather and relaxing ambience for your vacation? If yes, then grab a relaxing chair in front of the beach with a glass of pina colada and book a stay at one of the best resorts at “Jeffrey’s Bay”, a tremendous place for a perfect vacation. Check out CouponFeed.org for some great deals on hotels, as well as car rentals and tour packages. You can also check out http://discountgo.co.uk for some great deals on flights to get you there as well as car hires and accommodations.

Jeffrey’s Bay, which is also known as J-Bay is located 75 km west from Port Elizabeth at Cape Province of South Africa. It is known for its under-water sports activities, accommodations and also the exquisite spas as well as fine-dining options that it offers to tourists. J-Bay is usually regarded as one of the world’s best places for tourism and surfing.

No matter where you go across the globe, you would always want the place you stay to be extraordinarily amazing. It should certainly be something which could make you say, ‘let’s snap chat to show-off the room’ or ‘let’s Instagram the sophisticated breakfast’ or even say ‘why not make a check-in on Facebook at J-Bay’s world’s best spa-resort?”.  Jeffrey’s Bay certainly gives you outrageous options for hoteling and resorting. From calm and petite guest houses to resorts where you can have mesmerizing spa days, J-Bay has all the perfect accommodations that you can ever imagine! After experiencing rides, water sports, museums and much more at J-Bay, you must have a perfect resort, guest house or hotel suite to get rid of all the tiredness. Let’s have a look at the top most accommodations at Jeffrey’s Bay:

Stone Olive Resorts

The stone olive resorts are located at Azalea Street at Jeffrey’s Bay. Stone Olive resorts are known for their historically unique stone work. Every corridor is decorated with luxurious chandeliers and extravagant stone art. This place compliments the scenic beauty of J-Bay by being exceptionally beautiful itself. You would love to see how eye-catching and breath-taking the infrastructure over here is! Their exhilarating court yard is perfect for a cup of coffee and you can even swirl into their cosy swimming pools or just sit beside the pool to view mesmerizing views of ocean and golf club, adding some extra essence of perfection to your trip! If you’re looking for some more thrills, you can even enjoy hiking or horse-riding. If I was going to Jeffery’s bay again, I would surely cherry-pick stone olive resorts as they’re super good at maintaining their infrastructure with one of the most luxurious rooms in reasonable rents. Each room has a private entrance, sitting area a petite but pretty coffee making space, splendid bath area and much more for your comfort and facility. Even if you surf the internet for stone olive, you will surely see people talking about how magnificent the building is!

Dio Dell Amore Guest House

The very famous Dio Dell Amore guest house offers world class service to its guests. The speciality of this guest house is their spacious and properly ventilated rooms. The rooms are well furnished and mark excellence in their designs. J-Bay is known for the best surfing and water sports across the globe. This hotel is only 3 kilometres away from the main surfing spot. One cannot miss out the sea food of restaurants in J-Bay. Good news for all the foodies, the most classic restaurants are just 2km away from Dio Dell. For Golf lovers, a mini golf club is also just across the corner. Just if you leave for your flights habitually late, you don’t have to worry! Airport is also located nearby Dio Dell and you can catch you flight by just a 30 minutes’ drive. What else would a traveller want! Few parts of this building have an ancient look marking its excellence from number of years. Ancient but yet beautiful!


Aston Woods Bed and Breakfast


The name itself suggests that this hotel is known for comfortable beddings to make you get rid of tiredness from the trip and after you have had a beauty sleep they serve scrumptious, fresh and sophisticated breakfast for complete pleasure. They serve English Breakfast on private decks that face the sea. Just imagine yourself on your private deck having freshly-prepared English breakfast while enjoying the cold sea breeze that eventually gives start to a good day!

The hotel is rated 4.5 and it is a perfect place for people who want to stay somewhere near cape street as well which is a commercial area.  Another good thing about Aston Woods B&B is that the person who serves you also knows your language, making your services even more on-point than they ever can be. It’s always good to convey your requirements and Aston Woods B&B is the best at considering them!


Beach Music

Beach Music is one of the top picks at Jeffrey’s Bay when it comes to accommodations. It is situated at Supertubes beach at J-Bay which is one of the world famous beaches and is known for its scenic & picturesque views. No one would want to miss enchanting and jaw-dropping views of Supertubes Beach at J-Bay and so Beach Music Hotel is a place where you must stay. In day time, you can enjoy adventurous water sports right outside your hotel and at evening you may have a cup of coffee while capturing the mesmerizing views of Supertubes from your room’s window. If you are up for some fun and relaxation at the same time, head nowhere else except The Beach Music!

On the beach Guest House and Apartments

If you’re more of an early-bird who would love to have morning walks/strolls alongside the beach or guitar sessions under the moonlight, then this place is undoubtedly made for you! Located right at the beach, with an amazing view of Indian Ocean this place brings you near to all the activities that you would enjoy at the beach, whether it is beach volley, jets keying or just an evening swim. Apart from the beautiful rooms and infrastructure, the most attractive feature of “On the beach guest house and Apartments” is that they provide you with a terrace with all facilities to do a barbeque. You can even have a barbeque at the beach and dine at their ornate picnic tables at the beach. Such a beach day would be to-die-for!

I consider Jeffery’s Bay (J-Bay) as one of the must-go places for those who love travelling and exploring various accommodations beyond imaginations. Plan your next vacation at J-Bay with one of the best accommodations across the globe, providing you high-end suites, sophisticated breakfasts, rejuvenating spas and an outstanding ambience which you can get nowhere else in the world!