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Why the Hippo Play Farm Needs to be on your Bucket List


The paradise beach doesn’t only have been blessed with the “cool” activities like skydiving, surfing, sand boarding and jet skiing. Jeffrey’s Bay is a vast playground that provides non-stop fun for the adventure freaks and sport fanatics and especially those who love exotic destinations. One of the best is the Happy Hippo Play Farm. This play farm is one-of-a-kind! Yes, there are Hippos having fun in the sunshine. If you have your little ones travelling with you, they are simply going to love it.

Happy Hippo Play Farm is just 8km away from the Jeffrey’s Bay and can be easily reached with a car. Happy Hippo Play Farm incorporates all the essentials for adults and kids. There’s a nursery for the kids where you can drop the juniors and they will be super-happy and meanwhile you can go check-out the bar with your sweetheart. Happy Hippo Farm allows kids to enjoy feeding the farm animals and play in the big playgrounds maintained only for them.

It has a jungle gym where you can find all the vines and branches and have a little fitness pump up there. What are you going to do when your kids are having fun? Parents can have a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of beer under the shaded area that projects a soothing ambience embellished with the scorching sun and artistic tides that together make the stunning views of the Seekoei River. Happy Hippo Play Farm incorporates an on-site nursery that features all kinds of indigenous and exotic plants exclusively available for you. With the flexible timings 9 to 5, It will be really easy for you to have the fair share of fun and adventure. 

happy-hippo-play-farmTheir cuppas and snacks are to drool over as they are one of their many specialties. If have you been there before or planning to hit Jeffreys Bay this season, you would probably realize at the end of the journey that their food is just out-of the world. A plus is that the beach wind makes you real hungry and it is proved by researches so, a reason to eat all you can? Probably yes!

Do you know what do Africans call Hippopotamus? Seekoei! In the African, Seekoei simply means “Sea cow” and because there are so many hippos in there. That side of bay area is now called the Seekoei River. Just outside the Eastern Cape, you can witness the beautiful Seekoei River, attracting tourists and visitors from all around the globe and the real charm is feeding the hippos while having the toothsome cuppas and snacks.

One of the most popular things about the Jeffrey’s Bay area is that it has an exquisite Happy Hippo Play Farm. You can feed as many Hippos as you want and this is the why it’s actually famous and trending! It attracts the visitors and tourists to come, feed the hippos, have fun with the other farm animals and of course a great meet and greet session with them.

The Happy Hippo Play Farm is no less than a learning temple for the children from all age groups as it provides a live and hands-on experience to the kids about animals and the wildlife. The most exciting thing is to witness and interact with actual & live Hippopotamuses bunnies, chickens, geese, potbelly pigs, pygmy goats, sheep, donkeys, and horses! Not in the text books anymore! Don’t you think that they are going to love it? With an addition of the beautiful jungle gym, that gives parents a chance to spend some time alone, talk a little, romance, and have delectable food under the shades of tree while their children are having fun under the supervision of professionals. The delightful view of the Seekoei River is what makes the Happy Hippo Play Farm worth going to. Oh, and there are few rare species of animals too!